Do you ever get bored of a language?

The title is as simple as that.

Have you ever got bored with a language and if so, what did you do with that language?

Did you find a way to make it more interesting?

Did you give it up and set it aside maybe for another day?


For sure, I just recently got bored with Spanish. To put it simply, I put it on the back burner and started learning Russian. But I have to say, coming back to Spanish and reading a newspaper article or two or listening to a podcast like News in Slow Spanish is very refreshing and it’s nice to get back to a language that I am actually strong in, unlike Russian which I just recently started. I really didn’t find a way to make it more interesting besides trying to increase my motivation by talking to native speakers, which usually makes me want to improve. But yeah, I pretty much only study it once a week now but I’m pretty excited to get back into it when the time comes.

It definitely happens. I either give it a rest for a day or two, or go look for some interesting content in another format, so if lately i’ve been mostly reading, e.g… in lingq, i go look for some movie/tvseries/youtube videos or maybe some songs in the language. So what ends up happening is that i hop from one type of content to another. Or, if sticking with reading, just get another book/blog post/ news article on something that i’m interested in even if the level is much higher than where I’m currently at.

I personally find having 2 o3 3 languages in my study rotation keeps things interesting. Whenever I break for a few weeks, I always get excited when I come back to one of languages. I actually think it helps me learn better for some reason, as If I somehow learn in the interim.

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We can get bored of a language if we lose our motivation.
We lose the motivation if we choose only too easy or too difficult texts.
The most students chose sooner too difficult texts and so they overload themselves.
The best way - to combine some easy and some more difficult texts, go ahead maybe slower but more reliable.
If you are tired you have to rest, to listen to music, to go for a walk, to read an interesting book in your native language or to go to another language. But to study more than two languages at the same tiome is difficult and often disappointed.
However, you can learn even 10 languages like Steve, but one after the other, comcentrating for some while (3-4 months) on one or two languages if you have enough time for them

Sometimes I get so bored of English that I can’t even be bothered to finish a