Do you agree?

Do you agree that after months of RL ( Reading and listening ) the brain reach to apathy ? This will continue unless you start to active your brain cells by using the language in speaking or writing.

No I do not have such experience about brain reaching apathy but it is good to use language in speaking and writing too.

Yacer, it can be if you take too difficult texts for you.
Don’t be in hurry and use the texts that contain 5-10% of unknown words and your brain won’t reach to apathy.
Or at least, if the simple texts are a bit boring to you, combine easier and more difficult texts, it can be a good exercise as well.

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If the word “apathy” refers to the feeling of not being interested in something, you might have to choose what interests you. Google Translate can absorb a lot of input, but the program cannot reject uninteresting material. Of course, curiosity might kill a human being as well as a cat,

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I wood recommend to reject all these automatic translations like Google Translate etc, because they create a false impression that you know all read words and structures of a foreign language, but really you don’t.
THe Google Translation can be used only if you would know the general content of the artuicle, but you don’t know the language or know it very badly.
It has NO PRACT6ICAL USE OF GOOGLE TRANSLATION for language study at all!