Do you agree with Wall Street Journal?

From WSJ editorial

“While Reagan left behind a calmer, more optimistic country, Mr. Obama leaves a more divided and rancorous one. While the Gipper helped elect a successor to extend his legacy, Mr. Obama will be succeeded by a man who campaigned to repudiate the President’s agenda. Barack Obama has been a historic President but perhaps not a consequential one.”

" Yet his Presidency has been a disappointment at home and abroad, a fact ironically underscored by Mr. Obama’s relentless insistence that he has been a success."

What do you think?..This is a honest analysis ?

My opinion: President Obama didn’t really have a fair hand to play - especially in his second term. Congress and the Senate were fighting against him tooth and nail pretty much the whole time, weren’t they? So it was hard for him to make progress with his agenda.

I saw one of his last televised interviews recently, and it struck me that he came across very powerfully as exactly the man he is - a clever and highly polished Chicago lawyer, but also a thoroughly decent family man. In another life, he might have been a highly esteemed senior judge.

As a politician? I really don’t know. As I say, he probably didn’t have a fair hand to play.

At least you aren’t like the partisan republican hacks in this country who think that Obama is a socialist muslim.

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I remember Reagan as the one who helped the Talibans against USSR .
The US politic in Syria today is as bad, I think.

As for the economy it is always very good for the happy very few and bad to very bad for the others. I don’t buy the litany about strong US economy, neither now nor under Reagan.

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I agree with their assessment of Obama but Reagan was just as terrible although in different ways (Star Wars, Latin American coups, Afghanistan, etc.).

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Obama is/was too intellectual for this country. You can’t lead this country without appealing to the rednecks

what? so some 46% of Americans are rednecks now?

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I’m going to let these republican campaign ads speak for themselves.

It’s freaking depressing. Watching the Ted Cruz “duck dynasty” campaign ad was a complete embarrassment.

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I don’t see a problem with some old guys using guns to hunt ducks. Even here in the UK (a country with the most restrictive gun controls on the face of the earth!) you could do that.

If Cruz made an advert saying it’s cool and dandy for people to open-carry military grade weapons down at the local grocery store, etc…well…that would be something else entirely.

They’re awful. Still doesn’t mean that republican voters are all rednecks. It’s like pretending that Democrats are all BLM members and 3rd wave feminists. They are super loud but account for a tiny part of American voters.


unrelated: check out TSA’s account on instagram it’s amazing the amount of guns people try to casually bring onto the airplane in their CARRY ON. I’m not even comfortable bringing a bottle of water!

We need more conservatives like you over here in Yankee land!

You can’t lead this country without appealing to the rednecks

Not to strawman here, but I feel like the Faux News and Republican stance these days is to appeal to Middle America and increase the divide. Look at the rhetoric. A lot of the GOP’s and Fox News’ rhetoric is labeling all colleges as just liberal cry baby havens, rural America is under attack, you have to get your hands dirty to be considered hard working, and living in small towns with conservative values is the only way to go. I mean, look at the Duck Dynasty fiasco. The conservative media had a heyday thinking Christianity is under attack because someone decided to voice anti-gay rhetoric just because “they had a right to their opinion”.

It trickles down a bit culturally too. If you drink craft beer, you’re considered snobby, but the minute you retort and say something about Coors Light to the people that enjoy it, it’s considered sin!

GOP and the media aren’t stupid; they know how to appeal to people and bring people to their side.

Going on a tangent, but still adding to the discussion:
On the flip side, I don’t blame some of those people for going GOP. Not all republicans are racist and a lot of them are just hard honest working people with simple values. When you have people like Hillary calling those EVERY one of those people “deplorables” it creates a divide and it’s just more fodder for the right wing media. I don’t blame a lot of people for not voting Democratic.

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Ugh Duck Dynasty. My parents watch that show and think it’s the best thing ever. I’m not a fan of it, just because it’s just not for me, not for what they stand for.

Also, that show would still be running if Phil Robertson kept his mouth shut. It’s the 21st century! No one wants to hear about your views on gay people just because it’s your “opinion” and it “goes against your beliefs”.

We have people here in the U.S. think that anything short of allowing full automatic weapons is considered “government oppression!” ух ты!

I agree. Not all Republican voters are rednecks. Like I said in my lengthy post, I don’t blame a lot of people for voting GOP. When you have a lot of Democrats running off of the PC platform, and casting anyone that lives in rural America as “racist”, “stupid”, etc. can you really blame them for NOT wanting to vote for Hillary?

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Prinzcuck, you aren’t that far off. Making Machine-Gun Bacon with Ted Cruz - YouTube