Do we need casinos in Japan?

Do we need casinos in Japan to “revitalize” the Japanese economy? Would you want to visit Shinzo Abe’s casinos instead of Donald Trump’s if you were to come to Japan? Have you met people addicted to gambling in casinos? I only know of people who are addicted to studying foreign languages.

The Liberal Democratic Party and Nippon Ishin no Kai, among other parties, are reportedly going to legalize casinos in Japan. I wonder who is pulling the strings behind the scenes. According to a recent survey conducted by Yomiuri Shinbun, 57% of respondents are opposed to lifting a ban on casinos while 34% support it.

“Fifty-seven percent of respondents opposed lifting a ban on casinos while 34 percent supported it, according to a Yomiuri Shimbun survey conducted from Friday through Sunday.
The Liberal Democratic Party, Nippon Ishin no Kai and other parties are seeking the enactment of a bill during the current Diet session to lift the ban on casinos.”

“Japan has potential to transform into one of the biggest Asian gambling hubs…”

Sorry, all my time is for Taki and Mitsuha - no time for casino.

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We already have plenty of Pachinkos, what is to happened to those businesses? are they to stand idle as these new businesses come and take at their stake?

"Legalisation of casinos, which newspaper polls suggest is not supported by a majority of Japanese, has been a pet project of Mr Abe since he became prime minister four years ago. "
‪Japan passes bill to lift ban on casinos Subscribe to read | Financial Times via @FT‬

It seems the majority of the population’s indifference to political issues (or antipathy towards the minority parties) has given Abe and the LDP a license to pass unpopular measures (安保法案 and 国家秘密保護法 are other examples). I’ve seen many people criticize these measures, yet the LDP keeps winning elections.


It’s funny, if you go to any major city in Japan you’d probably assume that gambling is legal. I was in Osaka not too long ago and I haven’t seen so many bright lights and advertisements that said “slots” since I was in Vegas!