Do we have permission to share TED Talks on LingQ?

It is challenging to find “real-life” (as opposed to material produced for teaching purposes) audio/text combinations in Greek. One good source I’ve discovered is TED Talks, spoken by Greeks with Greek closed captions. Not all TED Talks in Greek have closed captions and there is no good way to search for which ones do, at least not that I have discovered., so it has been a time-consuming hit-or-miss search to find them. I’m importing them for my own personal use, but I would be happy to share them so others won’t have to repeat my searching. Do we have permission from TED to do so?

I believe TED Talks are under copyright protection.

Yes, I think that is correct. Has anyone from LingQ ever approached TED about getting permission? I looked at their request-for-permission form (see links below), and they ask for one’s position in the organization requesting the permission. It would probably be more meaningful if someone on the LingQ team requested the permission, rather than just a member like me. Is that something LingQ would be interested in pursuing? The TED talks are an awesome resource.

Thanks, Zoran!

Without sharing the text of the TED talks, you could of course help other learners of Greek by giving a list of the talks with captions in order to spare them the trouble of looking for them.


Yes, thanks. I was just thinking about that myself. Is there a way to have a list somewhere on LingQ that I can continually add to as I find more? I’m not sure the forum setup is the best format, as I find long threads a bit annoying to scroll through, although I suppose I could just keep editing one post to add more.

I think that the forum is the only manner available at this moment. And every time you add a new item to your list, it gets the attention of the learners that are interested. It is a good thing to let others profit of the time you invested!

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Good point about posting the new item to alert others. I certainly want to let others profit from the time I’ve invested, as I am profiting so much from the time others have put in to the lessons they have shared at LingQ. Thanks for your help, benscheelings!

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I saw a comment on a forum of a member saying that TED had authorized LingQ to share their talks, but I’m not really sure where he got that information from.

Edit: It was Alex from Germany, he wrote that 8 years ago on the Content thread about content to import into Lingq

And yet some TED Talks are part of the LingQ libraries. So either you actually do have the permission or you really might want to ask for it.

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I wasn’t going to post anything about it but since you brought it up, as a general comment I’d say that some members seem to be quite clueless about copyright protection laws. I remember there was sometimes ago a content creator that accused lingq of stealing her/his content.

The person was obviously barking up the wrong tree, since lingq can’t police everybody and as lingq personnel pointed out they will remove unlawful copyright material.