DO NOT Go to Language School - Steve Kaufmann

Most people learn languages at school. How important are they to learning a language? It depends on the individual. I wouldn’t go to one but recognize that for many people they are necessary.


All points are spot on. Plus, these language schools are way expensive than using LingQ. Just check the costs of Goethe Institute for each level. Half the time what they do is to go through an exercise book and dissect the language. Total time waste. Investing 30 euros in Amazon Prime membership is paying more dividends than these language schools.

zoran, I tried importing this video with German subtitles but it is imported with English subtitles. Would like to save some vocabulary that is used in German subtitles. Is it possible? Steve speaks awesome English, therefore, I get to read awesome German as a side effect :wink:

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Asad, I just tried it now and it worked for me to import with German. Did you select the German subtitles and verify (through playing a couple seconds more) that the German subtitles were displaying? Once I verified that, that’s when I imported. Now the video itself on the import is showing the english subtitles, but that seems less of a concern. The text itself in LingQ is the German subtitles.

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It worked as per your suggestion. I let it play for a few seconds.


Great, glad to hear it! :slight_smile:

Goethe Institute works, because paying that much money alone motivates you to study as hard as you can :wink: