Dividing daily lingQs

If you have a large number of daily lingQs is there anyway of dividing them up into manageable numbers but still deal with them on the same day. Today I had 200. I would have liked to 50 in one go, and then come back later and reviewed another 50 and so on

Hi Paul,
Unfortunately that’s not possible, sorry! Daily LingQs issue should be fixed now and you should be receiving usual number of LingQs regularly from now on.

Thanks for your help Zoran. Maybe something for future development?

Your Daily LingQs are a selection of LingQs pulled from your Due for Review list in the Vocabulary section. You can always go to that tab and review from your Due for Review list if you want to review additional terms. Words are added to the Due for Review tab based on their status and the number of days since their status was set.

Thanks. I did not realise that the Daily LingQs and the Due for Review on that day are not he same. It is the Due for Review for today that I review but they are not there until the Daily Lingqs email is received. Not had it today so far…