Displaying Higher "New Words" Total Than Actually There

Hey guys, I believe I have found this problem on a few occasions but I just confirmed it with the last lesson I did. I just finished a short lesson in which it said there were around 52 new words or so. I could clearly see this wasn’t the case from the number of blue words highlighted on the page and when I clicked on the new words to view in colums what they actually were, despite the fact that there were 52 listed, a lot of the words were words that didn’t appear in the lesson and some of them were actually English words that also didn’t appear anywhere in the lesson. Once I had read the whole lesson as I usually do, I clicked the “move all remaining blue words to known”. After that I noticed that my total words had increased by 52. I fear this is putting my known words total completely out of whack and depending on how long this issue has been occurring (possibly without me noticing) my known words may not actually represent reality…which is a problem for me given that it’s the major way I track my progress. I would really like this fixed and my known words number fixed too :confused:

Sorry for the trouble here! Would you send over a link to one of these lessons so we can take a closer look into what might be causing this?

Next time I notice it I will post a link in this post :slight_smile: