Display problem

I can see 2 new French discussions on my notification page but these discussions are not displayed on the main “Mes Conversations” page. I didn’t receive email notification as well.

Same here.

Sorry about that. We will take a look at this to find out what could be wrong. Thanks for letting us know!

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Hello Zoran,

The problem remains for those who are taking lessons as well as the lessons I take with tutors. Is there any way to check the lessons I have booked?

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

Have a nice day,

Hi Fabrice,
You should be able to see your list of conversations on the Speak page at the top under My Conversations.

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That’s the problem. They no longer appear there.

Hi Zoran,

It works here in France, I have just checked. That’s great.

Thank you for that it is very convenient.

I hope it will be soon the same for Anthony.

It just appeared! Super!

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