Display Pinyin for Lingqs?

I just bought a subscription to LingQ, and I am loving everything so far. But I cannot figure out how to display the pinyin for the vocabulary features. If I go to the lesson itself and click “review lingqs,” it displays the pinyin, but obviously this only applies to the vocabulary from that specific lesson. Is there a way to get the pinyin to be displayed in the “Learn - Vocabulary” features such as flashcards, multiple choice, etc., and then, further, to allow pinyin to be exported along with your lingq list to Anki?

Thank you, everyone, and sorry if this is an awful question. I looked for answers through google and the forum search option on this site.

If you open a lesson and click on the settings on the left you should be able to turn on pinyin over all the characters in a lesson. I think it’s towards the bottom of the settings bar.

Yes, that function isn’t implemented on the Vocabulary page. The Vocabulary page is still the old version of LingQ and hasn’t been updated. It should be updated in the near future, at which time pinyin will then also be available there. Sorry about that!

It was implemented, but it stopped working, see my post: No Pinyin Anymore In Flashcards - Language Forum @ LingQ

@silviad - I think you were referring to the activities in the lessons. Those do show pinyin now. It is on the Vocabulary page that this has never been implemented.

No, I was referring to the new flascards. Initially it had the Pinyin optionally displayed, later that disappeared…

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In the lesson or on the vocabulary page? The pinyin can be turned on or off in the settings for the activities on the Lesson Reader. They have never existed on the Vocabulary page which is still showing the old version of all activities.

The flashcards from the lesson page! They were first working, but then disappeared… For me who is a beginner, pinyin is very important. I do not aim to read chinese immediately.

You have to turn on the Pinyin in the Settings for the Activities. When you have the activities showing, click on the Settings icon in the top right corner. Then, for each activity you can turn on pinyin on the front or back where available.

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