Display issues for saved meanings on created Lingqs in the IOS app

A problem has recently arisen in the IOS Lingq app so that when I click a Lingq to show its saved meaning, it will only display the first five lines, even if the saved definition for the Lingq extends beyond five lines. To illustrate (This is a completely random example) I will choose this definition with nine lines to create a Lingq.
However once I create the Lingq it will appear like this:

As can be seen, the saved meaning only displays five lines of the actual nine lines of definition, I am unable to scroll down (I tried!) or anything similar to that. It is only the Lingq popup that has this issue, as I can still see the fuller definition when I go to Lesson Vocabulary as seen below:
However I found that even then if I save a particularly long definition as a Lingq I will have to re-save it I exit the lesson and come back to it later on, as in the Lingq will literally turn blue again. In summary I’m not sure if this issue is universal or not as I’ve not been seeing any similar complaints on the Support and Feedback Forum and the online website doesn’t have this issue, but I would greatly appreciate if this could be fixed.

Thanks for reporting. We will look into it.

Any updates?

We will have it fixed in the next app update.

The issue still hasn’t been fixed.

We pushed a fix for this today (version 5.3.6 (5) ) Thanks for your patience everyone!


I’m so sorry! The display for saved Lingqs is functioning properly again, but the problem where lingqs with longer saved definitions turning blue again after exiting and rentering the app still persists.

Can you please email us and provide us with an example of the issue? That would be very helpful. Thanks!