Discussion in a difficult context在困难情景下交流讨论互动

我选择了我的HTLAL的语言能力。I choose my langage skills in HTLAL。

Discussion in a difficult context 在困难情景下交流讨论互动
I can explain an exceptional situation to an hostile party in German and get the party to understand. This is different from a strong-context situation where the other person has a clear expectation of what you are trying to explain

16 German language certificates, include ZD, STD, TAD, TDN?? Wow.May I ask How many Chinese language Certificates you know? Iknow HSK Certificates. Maybe you know much more English Language Certificates too. For me, I don’t learn a language for the eaxm and the certificate, I learn it for a way of thinking to share more and alike. Denkenweise思维模式. Ich bin, was Ich denke.Ich bin, wie Ich bin.

16种德语语言证书,包括ZD,STD, TAD, TDN?? 不可思议。我想问一下就你所知,有几种类似的中文语言证书。我知道HSK证书. HSK Certificates. 《汉语水平证书》. 恐怕你也知道更多种类繁多英文证书等等. 对于我来说,我不是为考试,证书学语言,而是为了更多分享的思想,想法,不同观点, like-minded 有同样值得分享的想法。Denkenweise思维模式. 我思,故我在。我就是我自己。

In my opinion, Discussion in a difficult context, due to this reason, I should study smart in my german skills. It’s better to talk in Trilingual. In the last Green Drinks Shanghai, I asked a German native guy from Mercedes-Benz. If you owned your personal blog, Which language did you select? Even he spoke in 5 languages, include chinese, Italian, French. He said it was English.

对于我来说,在困难情景下交流讨论互动。由于这个原因,我得把我的德语学精(学习精华)。最好用三种语言交流。 在上一次上海绿色畅饮活动中,我问了一个梅塞德斯-奔驰的德国人。如果你建自己的个人博客,哪种语言你会选择?尽管它会讲5中语言,包括中文,意大利,法语,他说那会是英文。

For Example, My mentor Reinhold Messner (born 1944), Italian mountaineer, his website is mainly in German. I often was inspired by his quote "Ich bin, Was Ich tue. "
我例举,我导师 Reinhold Messner 意大利登山家,他的网站主要是德文。我经常被他的座右铭激励“通过你做的什么,更好认清你自己。”

He told me that over 40-50 most Germans knew only one language. More young can communicate well in English and so on. Great. No wonder I learn english better than my German languages skill when I share and communicate with German natives.