Discuss:Are you myopic?

Recently I just find that more and more people around become myopic. You can see people with glasses everywhere: little child, young man, young women…Most of them are the age from 15~35.

I have been myopic since I was a little child. Almost I have changed 4 glasses, nearly 3 year a new glasses. I am worried that how many good eyes will be left in the decade future. The myopia is coming to younger child.

So are you myopic? If not, how do you protect your eyes? Is there any good way to treat this disease.

My doctor advised this: Leave the screen, and put yourself in the nature!

I’m short sighted. I got my glasses early last year but I need to back and get my lenses changed 'cause it’s getting worse. I didn’t even start to notice it until last year (I would’ve been 19). I think you can get laser surgery or something to correct it but it’s expensive as and I wouldn’t be too keen at all.

I am short sighted too. When I was 6 years old I was long sighted. But it is quite usual when infant long-sightedness turns into short-sightedness. So, when I was 10 year old my eyesight was -2/-2.5. Doctors insisted on wearing glasses, but neither I, nor my parents did not want me wear glasses. So, my eyesight was rather stable. When I was in high school and was preparing to university entrance exams, my eyesight went down and became -2.75/-2.75. In 2005, when I was 21 years old, I bought my first glasses (-2.75/-2.75). I wore them from time to time, and in 2006 changed them to -3.0/-3.0 and in 2008 to -3.5/-3.5…
The conclusion is:

  • without glasses my eyesight went down in 0.75/0.25 (time period = 11 years)
  • with glasses my eyesight run down in 0.75/0.75 (time period = 3 years)

I was “highly myopic” for “my age”. My prescription changed every year and life without visual aid was a blur.

I Underwent Lasik Surgery and although I am 20/20 for almost 2 years now but it isnt worth the “perks” that come along with it like halos, starbursts, weakened cornea, daybursting, ghosting, intense glare etc…

My advice if you’re worried about your myop : do whatever your doctor suggests that isnt surgical

Take good care of your eyes :slight_smile:

Who has time and desire may read this:

But it’s not trivial, not easy and often not correct in some details. The situation in ophtalmology much resembles the situation in language learning – millions people do it and hardly anyone reach good results. And official methods don’t work. And also you can’t make children to do the right things because they always resist We often can’t even force ourseves to do right


By the way, Bates names the most myopic countries of his time: Japan and USA; and he names the cause of it: children in the both countries had always been under enormous pressure.

I am both myopic and presbyopic, and usually wear spectacles with varifocal lenses.

I was diagnosed with astigmatism at the age of 6 or so. I wore glasses and contacts for 9 years. I constantly would remove my glasses when at a table or any situation that afforded the opportunity. When I noticed this I decided at age 18 to go without any vision aid at all.

I still have the last pair of glasses that I actually wore regularly, in a drawer somewhere. I am 39 now and my optometrist says, if I drove a car, I would not even need glasses to get a license. That is, my vision has actually improved over the years. Or at least my perception of the data my eyes bring in has improved.

Read “The Art of Seeing” by Aldous Huxley The Art of Seeing - Wikipedia


If he was not copyrighted Huxley would be much better I think.

Yeah I’m Myopic but I use contact lenses. So much more convenient than glasses.

I spent most of my life in front of a computer screen (I’m 21 now) and my vision is perfectly fine