Discrepancy in the levels (Certificate and Avatar)

Now I´ve noticed some inconsistencies in the levels. I´m at 6029 words in Dutch now for example and my certificate says I´ve achieved Intermediate 1, but my avatar says my level is Intermediate 2.

I am now at 44400 words in French and both the avatar and certificate say I have achieved Advanced 4, which is fine, but the certificate was actually behind until I got to over 33200 words. It essentially said I had achieved Advanced 1 between 22700 and 33200 words and then when I got to over 33200 words, it all of a sudden said I had achieved level Advanced 3.

I of course feel those levels should be the same for the avatar and the certificate, although they may have been supposed to signify two different things. I wonder whether this is some mixup in whether one has reached or completed a certain level. In the avatar help page it seems to say you reach the levels at the given word count, rather than complete them, see: Avatar Help and the certificate also says you have reached whatever level is indicated, rather than completed it. That would suggest the level for the avatar in the avatar page is too high and that the certificate should say Advanced 2 when you pass 33200 words in French, not Advanced 3.

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Please note that your certificate shows the level you completed, while your Avatar shows your current level, that’s the reason why there’s a difference between them.

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Understood, but then I feel the certificate should say “has completed the level of x” rather than “has achieved the level of x”. Achieved can be understood either as “reached” or “finished”, so it´s less clear which is the case when you read the certificate ACHIEVE | définition en anglais - Cambridge Dictionary

Then there is also the error that when you complete Advanced 2, the certificate level jumps over one level and says Advanced 3. Like I said, at 44 K words in French now, both the avatar and certificate levels say Advanced 4.