Discovering the Magic of Internet Radio - My Personal Experience

I just had to share my incredible experience with internet radio. It has completely changed the way I listen to music, and I’m sure it will revolutionize your music journey too! internetowe radio

Unlike traditional radio, internet radio offers an abundance of channels catering to various genres and moods. Whether I’m in the mood for energetic pop beats, soothing jazz melodies, or heartwarming classical tunes, there’s always a station that perfectly fits my mood.

The best part is the freedom to explore global stations, exposing me to diverse cultures and new artists. I’ve discovered so many hidden musical gems from around the world that I wouldn’t have encountered otherwise.

Moreover, internet radio platforms often allow you to personalize your playlists and even skip songs you’re not vibing with - goodbye to annoying advertisements and repetitive tracks!

What’s truly amazing is that internet radio is accessible on multiple devices, from my phone to my laptop and even smart speakers. I can tune in while working, cooking, or even during a relaxing bath - music follows me everywhere!

Besides music, many internet radio stations feature entertaining talk shows, podcasts, and live events, creating a holistic audio experience.

Lastly, internet radio has introduced me to some fantastic communities. I’ve made friends with people who share my music tastes and engaged in discussions about our favorite artists and tracks. It’s a delightful way to bond over a common passion.


Definitely, there are many internet radios online since a lot of time. It was interesting for me to search for talk radios in different languages. However, today with LingQ, unless I have specific needs, I prefer to use text with TTS or Podcasts with Whisper.

But a good method could be to easily record the radio program and afterwards use it with Whisper to better work on it. I haven’t thought about the easiest method yet because it wasn’t a necessity. Probably using Audacity.