Discovered LinQ extension -- GAME CHANGING

Hi all,
I wanted to talk a bit about discovering the LinQ browser extension and how amazing it’s been for all the people who may not have discovered it already. I’ve been learning Hebrew for a little bit on LinQ, and after finishing all of the mini stories and some other content on the site, I was worried I was coming to the end of what I would call “quality content”, or content that I’m actually interested in learning about. I like a more vlog type of feel, I like hearing about people’s trips and the food they ate, and I was finding it harder and harder to find content like that on LinQ that I hadn’t already read. Then I discovered the LinQ browser extension. It’s free, it’s really easy to get on your computer, and what it allows you to do is to take any video on YouTube, and as long as that video has subtitles in your target language, the LinQ browser extension can format the entire transcript of the video into LinQ, use the video’s own audio (so u can hear the target language) and fill fully adapt your favorite content into LinQ with the push of like two buttons. This may seem obvious to those who already know, but I thought I’d spread the word to those who may not have known. It’s especially useful when studying languages that may have a smaller content library like Hebrew, because I can access the ENTIREITY of the internet and use LinQ to learn some of it.




In French, at upper intermediate and advanced levels, it accounts for nearly 100% of my LingQ usage. It’s primarily three groupings of content I use it for. 1) Things like newspaper articles. 2) Youtube videos, especially podcast style. 3) Netflix videos. Very rarely do I even look at the LingQ content catalog.


@gmeyer more and more I very rarely look at the catalog either for different reasons:

  • difficult to distinguish old stuff written with archaic language from modern text
  • difficult to avoid poor audio content
  • difficult to avoid text content with various mistakes
  • in the news feed (if they didn’t change it) different newspapers create different courses
  • many articles’ newspapers have the paid wall and you realise it only after you have wasted time to import the content

TTS and Whisper have fixed a lot and I use them constantly now.

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