Discouragement from native speakers

I personally never went through this ever, but I know some people who have. I was wondering if any of you on this forum ever went through an experience where you wanted to learn a language so bad but most native speakers you encounter for that language you really want to learn have continously encouraged you, saying stuff like “our language is too difficult”, “you can´t learn our language, you are too dumb”, things like that.

If so, how do or did any of you deal with this issue?

Yes native speakers have sometimes been discouraging.

I just never let it be an issue. I’d feel bad for a half hour then get over it. You have to be modest and willing to realize sometimes you do, indeed, suck at your target language.

I’ve been discouraged many times by french speakers. But a friend from belgium who I practice french with has been so supportive. One person told me “you can’t speak french”. And I was compared and telling my friend is better than me in french. That hurt me quite a bit and also a french speaker told me this. I don’t know why I am mostly discouraged by french speakers. I’m also learning russian and I haven’t had any discouragement from them. I just try to ignore all the bad things they said and try and get over it.

Well, the French are a peculiar case. They will readily tell you that you are bad at speaking French, but will also be quick to say that they can’t speak English. They will readily tell you that you have gained weight, but will also be quite ready to say that they have, as well.

Where do you think the idea of being “frank” comes from?