Disappearing translations in LingQs

Is there really no one else who has a problem with the translations they enter in their LingQs suddenly vanishing, randomly and without warning? So, for example, if I load in a new document, and 100 LingQs appear in it (created in previous documents), at least 10% of them will have no translation in the translation box. In other words, the translation I entered the first time has mysteriously been deleted/disappeared. Why is this? I cannot discern any pattern. I create all my LingQs in exactly the same way, the whole time, and yet a significant number of them require me to enter a translation the next time I meet them.


Yes, I’ve noticed this as well. One thing that may help is if you see an empty translation field, you can click on “popular translations” and the list of options will pop up and you can click on one to re-populate the empty field. However, this is obviously just a temp solution. The bug should be addressed.

Thanks. I’m glad it’s not just me.

Did you had translations added for more than one language> And did you remove any of active dictionary languages later?

no and no. I only do Russian

Can you take some screenshots of that and send us to support(at)lingq.com? Thanks!


Quite by chance, I discovered a solution to this. If I change the LingQ’s status - say, from 1 to 4 - in most cases this will cause the translation to reappear. Not in all cases, but most. Usually, the newly-revealed translation is badged as a language I have never even heard of, never mind studied. If I then re-set the language to English and return the LingQ to its previous status, the translation continues to show. Bingo!