Difficulty level of imported items

when I import a new item, the first thing I would like to get is a notion of its difficulty level, in terms of percentage of new words.
But to see this I need to go to the workdesk, leaving the item page. Why don’t you put this information on the item page? Well, that’s just a suggestion.

As I sit here in snowy Ottawa waiting to return to Vancouver, I must say that your suggestion is a very good one, and should not be difficult to implement. I am not saying when or I will get into trouble with Mark and our development team.

Keep your suggestions coming. I may not agree with them all, and they may not all be good!! But this one is a very good one. What do others think?

Ok, Steve,
from the sunny Belo Horizonte I will patiently wait for this…
I sware that I’m trying to keep my suggestions inside some practical limits. For example, I’m finding the system very, very slow and unstable the last days, probably since the last time it was stopped for mantainance. But I know it’s not just a matter of saying: “hey, guys, why don’t you speed up this thing?” So, I prefer not to complain too much about that. (well, I’m kind of complaining now, but that was just an example)
As you already had surmised, my complains are aimed at helping LingQ to improve more and more.
Have a nice trip back home!

That’s a good suggestion, Ana. We’ll try to incorporate that into our improvements over the next few months.

We’re sorry the site has been so slow. Improving the performance is our number one priority right now. Please be patient.