Difficulties with removing one of the hints from a lingq

I am experiencing regular difficulties with removing hints from lingqs that have several hints. I erase the hint’s content, then press Enter: the hint-field disappears from the widget, but if I get back to this lingq, the hint is still in there.

Please see it on this screencast: http://www.screencast.com/t/X90iKPyH8
Here is also my browser console log: M.onInputEnded keyboard_input===> event: input:ended, State: M=ready, D=edit_c - Pastebin.com

Thanks for reporting this bug! We will get it fixed.

This issue should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience!

One thing that I find very annoying is the fact that I cannot delete the text in the hint field of a LingQand leave it blank. Also, I find it annoying that I can’t create blank LingQs on the iOS app. I often want to make a blank LingQ for words when I can’t find their meaning easily, and the current setup forces me to make the hint with one blank space in it.