Difficulties to use the LingQ German

Well I’m trying to learn German with LingQ the same way I learned English.
The LingQ is the best method of learning and today I am able to speak a new language I thank LingQ.
But lately I’m having a hard time learning German for the LingQ has the translation of many, many words I do not know. when the word is blue and I do not know and I’ll try to see the meaning put the indicator on top of the word , this words has no translation.
Lingq is amazing but this way I can’t learn .

So, search the dictionary, go to google translate, copy and paste the definitions in and you’re done.

But brother, don’t tell me, that you couldn’t work out the meaning of ‘wortkombinationen’!? :slight_smile:

Let’s just say there is a sort of …combining…of words…

Hi Lucas,

Google changed their Translate API which caused it to stop working on our site. We’ll have a new update in the next week or so that will address this problem.

You can also click the Search Dictionary button to search the dictionary. It will open up the LingQ widget and the dictionary that you have selected as your default. It takes a little longer, but it’s still pretty quick :slight_smile:

Oks Alex Thanks.

I’ll wait for this update.

Hi Lucas, as Google translate gives you only one meaning of the word you should give the other dictionaries a serious try. I strongly recommend www.dict.cc and www.leo.org. You can choose these dictionaries when you use the Search Dictionary buton and set one of these as your default dictionary. I have to do this for french and dutch and I love this function because I can learn more about a word. Give it a try!

I do think that there are other good dictionaries that you should try because you may prefer them. But to be fair, Google translate does give other meanings if you click on the word it has suggested.

True, kcb it does. It’s just that they aren’t in an easy format for copying and pasting. Still, I find myself using it sometimes - just typing up each word (that I need to give a good sense of the meaning).