Difficult with Listening Multiple Times Audio and Text on iOS

I have a problem that I’m not sure I’m able to explain correctly, but it happens quite often.

I listen to different languages on iPhone.
I listen to text that I have already listen to, so as you can say from the screenshot below, the green bar is already full green.

I listen to the audio and read the text on white background, so that I can see and review the yellow words.

In the example below, I was at page 5/25 BUT the app doesn’t always retain the same audio synchronization. So the audio was at ZERO.

If I click on the audio, how do I get to the same point I’m showing you with the red arrow? So at page 5/25? or any other page?

I need to scroll on the audio text below to try to find the same point where I was at page 5/25, but it’s not easy at all.
Is there a possibility to start the audio at the exact page I want to read?

This happens a lot of time preventing me to just retake the lesson from where I left the day before.


Thanks for reporting that, we will look into it.

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I sent you a recorded video this morning by email.