Different ways to get add definitions on LingQ?

So far I’ve mostly been using the popular definitions and cross referencing to different dictionaries, both online and paper. As you can imagine this is quite tedious and not very effective.

Is there a way I can import text from a particular source and put it into the definition fields without the hassle of constantly copying and pasting text or rewriting out definitions from other sources into LingQ?

Other suggestions are welcome


The “tedious and not very effective” method you describe is the method I use, although I never consult paper dictionaries. I’m not sure how it could be better … LingQ makes it as easy as I can imagine. The popular definitions really help speed things up, and checking the dictionary for tough words is (in my opinion) not a terrible burden. I don’t totally understand the alternative you propose … it seems you are thinking about texts published in both your source and target languages, and hoping for a way to import your source language into the definition field? But, would you want this done for every word? That would be hard, of course, as translations rarely work out on a word-for-word basis. Do you want the translations “put into the definition fields” on a per-sentence basis? And, done automatically somehow? There is a way to paste in sentence translations via the “clips” tab of the lesson editing screen (do you know about that?) … but I doubt this can be automated. And anyway I consider that method to be more tedious than just reading a text and translating the words I don’t know as I go along.