Different tutors

I thought I would post this question publicly as perhaps other people wonder about the same thing. I recently received an email from Steve about assigning a tutor, which I thought to be a good idea, so I did. I initially got the impression that I might be able to assign different tutors for different languages, but unfortunately I seem only able to choose one tutor overall.

My question is: is it possible to assign different tutors for different languages? One solution I can think of is changing my tutor every time before submitting a piece of writing, but this doesn’t seem like good practice, or good manners towards the tutors.

Thank you in advance for your help.

At present it is not possible to select a tutor for different languages. Sorry Rob if I confused you.

When we start our new approach based on courses, it will be possible to choose a different tutor for each language and for each course. In the meantime this is not possible. I would not recommending changing tutors each time you submit.

Please wait a few weeks and we can discuss this subject again.

That’s ok, I misunderstood the situation. I’m looking forward to the future changes.

On this topic I have another question - exactly opposed:

If I have a personal tutor and I have a good connection to him or her I think some points in the writings get a little more in the privat area. For this I would like bring my writing exactly to this chosen tutor. Is that (normaly) assured?

I agree with Irene. Every week, for 10 months now, I’ve been sending a writing to my personal tutor. I think it’s normal that after so many writings/cards the content can be sometimes a little more “private”. That’s why I wouldn’t like other tutors reading my writings. I thought we have our personal teacher because this way we know that he/she will do all our corrections. So the same question… is that (normally) assured?

The rules at present are that if a learner has an assigned tutor, that tutor will correct the writing. If however, the writing is not corrected within 48 hours, another tutor can correct that assignment. I think that the period of time should be 24 hours.

Our main concern is to make sure that writing submissions are returned within a reasonable delay. This is especially important for members who are just starting out. We have not made any commitment as to the privacy of writing submissions.

Maybe we can have a category of writing submissions called private, which can only be viewed by a chosen tutor, no matter what.

In fact it would be sufficient for now for the person who submits writing to put “private” in the title of the submission. This would mean that only the designated tutor can see the submission.

On further consideration, I think those learners who want their writing corrected by a certain tutor should develop the habit of putting the tutor’s name in the submission. “For tutor Mary”

The reason is that many people study multiple languages. From a programming point of view, it is quite complicated to have learners choose tutors for each language they are studying.

What we are going to do is to only have designated tutors for people taking a course. In this way if you take a course in Spanish and another in Japanese, then you designate your tutor for each language, and only your tutor will correct your writing.

If you do not take a course, your writing will be available for any tutor to correct. In this case you should specify the tutor’s name in the title of the submission. The title will appear in the list that all tutors can see. We can instruct tutors not to correct content that is intended for a specific tutor. Later on we may come up with a better way of dealing with this via the system.

We need to reconcile the need for a lose relationship between tutor and learner, and some assurance of the quality and turn around time of the writing submissions for all learners in all languages. And we need to have this working properly for a large number of people (we hope).

I would prefer a personal tutor and I am sure the most of the other learners too. It is so much easier to talk and to write to somebody you know. Nevertheless, Steves suggestion is good. In the case, we learn more languages and can not select a personal teacher, let write “For tutor XY” in the title of the submission. Some time after doing that we can check the result. Sure, for some (new) learners it is egal who will correct the text.
48 hours response time is okey for me. What are the opinions of the other members?
After discussions like this, the rules should be published for everybody, also in the help texts for example, not only here in the forum.

Hi Annett, thank you for correcting my writing submission. You gave good advice so I would really like it if you could correct some of my future German writing as well. Is it all right if next time I write ‘For tutor Annett’ in the title of my German submission?

Yes, it would be okay, but the next 10 days I am on vacation and other tutors would correct the text at this time. Enjoy Germany!

Thank you Annett. Have a nice vacation!