Different 'dictionary languages' depending on the language being learned

Would it be possible to give people the option to select the ‘dictionary’ language on a language-to-language basis? I use English for most languages, but since my mother tongue is a Slavic language (Czech), learning Russian or Polish with English hints is ridiculous, as the Czech translations of the words are much more appropriate.

It would be therefore nice to have the option to set the dictionary language for each language separately.

I think we’ve had a request for this once before, but it isn’t something that we’re planning on adding at this time. Instead, perhaps you can just bookmark the Settings page then adjust this when you switch back and forth between different languages. I know it’s not the quickest solution, but it should do the job :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for your reply. I tried to write a script to do it automatically after switching the language in the menu, but I couldn’t get it to work, so I guess I’ll just have to do it manually.

You can change the dictionary language in your settings. Unless they still appear, like sometimes for me. I have the French language for my Dictionary, but I do see English words from time to time.

If you see hints in the wrong language just hover over them and click the flag to the right. We’ll then go in and move them to the right language :slight_smile:

@alex I’ll do next time I’m in a lesson.