Different 見 and 視?

What is the difference between 見と視?

「見る」は “to look” です。物の形や色、様子などを視覚によって知る、という意味です。
「視る」は “to look carefully”, “to observe”, “to investigate” に近いです。注意して見る、はっきりと見るという意味です。


Now I see the difference between the both kanji.


Thank’s Yukata.
But know that this doubt did not arise at the time of writing, but in reading (inuyasha volume 1). As I had seen the anime, I knew well what was happening, though I found strange the use of the ‘’ 視 ‘’, since it has the same pronunciation and the sense is very close to ‘’ 見 ‘’.
So now my question is: which is the most appropriate context for using ‘’ 見 ‘’ and ‘’ 視 ‘’?