Difference between travel and tourism

What does this phrase mean " Travel has an individual character where as tourism has a mass character."

I’m not sure exactly…the sentence feels a bit “clunky,” kind of awkward–not really natural. Maybe it’s just me, but do you think you could write where you found the phrase/what the context of it is? Thank you!^^

It could mean something like…travel is something people do on their own, more so…individually. In contrast, tourism is a word you use when you refer to a bunch of people visiting a place for vacation…


“I love to travel to different places”–it’s an individual hobby of this person to go somewhere

“A lot of people like to travel here”–it’s the personal liking of many people to travel to a certain place

Perhaps better said is that tourism has more economic connotations…but travel, that’s “plainer.”:slight_smile: Sorry if this is confusing or doesn’t help much!

Thanks for the reply. I came across this phrase in a book on tourism. It goes like this –
A substantial proportion of the population engages in going away on holiday. Hence, new socialised forms of the provision for goods and services are developed in order to cater to the mass character of tourism practices. The tourist is therefore, different from the traveller, because travel has an individual character where as tourism has a mass character. Tourism is directed at places chosen for the anticipation (often built on day dreaming and fantasy) of intense pleasure because such places are different to what we normally encounter. Such anticipation is sustained through a variety of experiences which influence our daily lives like film, T.V., fiction, magazine, records, videos etc. which construct and reinforce our image of a tourist destination.

hope this helps!

In general the idea is that a ‘tourist’ is someone who might join organised bus tours, stay in expensive chain hotels, only visit popular attractions, not interact much with locals beyond tour guides etc, whereas a ‘traveller’ is someone who travels independently, using public transport, speaking more to local people, staying in smaller places etc. Whether this view has merit is another question altogether.

Tourism is what grown ups do. Travelling is for hippies, perpetual students and shallow 20-30 something’s with nothing better to do.

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