Difference between the paid versions of LingQ vs the free version?

Hi all, I’ve been learning languages for several years, but only just started using LingQ. It looks a really interesting and no doubt very effective concept which I’m keen to utilise more. I was just wondering, what’s the difference between the paid versions of LingQ vs the free one? I’m currently using the free one, and it seems like I can access all the lessons, underline my LingQs, test on vocabulary etc so what do I get in the paid subscriptions that I don’t already? Thanks.

The paid version allows to import more than 5 private lessons and to have unlimited number of LingQs.

Thanks for your reply. How many LingQs do I get in the free version? And presumably ‘import’ means I can put any text I want onto LingQ?

You can see your actual state here: Login - LingQ
I guess free members may have up to 5 private lessons.

I don’t think you can do much of anything LingQ’ing-wise in the free version, but you can get access to all the content.