Difference between "open on lingq" and "lingq here" on the chrome toolbar?

I’ve clicked both and they appear to do the same thing,

I was hoping the “lingq here” would allow me to use lingq whilst i was on a website, this would be great!

Hi IAmAce,
“Open on LingQ” will automatically import text from a page to LingQ and you will be able to study imported text as lesson on LingQ.
“LingQ Here” will allow you to study right there on the page you are at and words will change colours to blue/yellow/white, same as on LingQ.

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Hi! I’ve had the same issue as IAmAce. “LingQ here” does not work. The other one, “Open On Lingq” works perfectly fine though.

This is literally what I’ve wanted LingQ to have for years!! The only problem is that it doesn’t work…any advice?
Also when did this happen?

yea, I also sometimes get a strange java error but when i check my java it’s always activated. Have you got yours to work?

Hi again IAmAce,
I tried “LingQ Here” option on several websites now and it’s working fine for me. Can you try on some other site and let me know if it works?