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Hallo! Ich bin ein deutsche Student und habe ein fragt. Was ist dieser Satze" Halt die Fresse"?

Hello! I’m a German student and have a question. What is this phrase" Halt die Fresse"?

Es bedeutet “shut up”.
Man kann “Halt die Schnauze”, “Halt den Mund”, “Halt’s Maul”, “Halt die Klappe” usw auch sagen… die Deutschen haben viele Weisen, dies zu äußern :wink:

" Ich bin ein deutsche Student"

No, you´re not.^^
“Ein deutscher Student” is a male person from Germany, who studies something (but not German) at a university.

“Ich studiere Deutsch” would mean that you´re taking German as a major at uni.
You can say “Ich lerne Deutsch”, which means that you´re learning German.


I would not recommend to use “Halt die Fresse!” It is quite impolite. Same for the other suggestions of lynkusu. If my daughter would use this, I would not be happy. Only uneducated people would use it. “Halt die Klappe” is still impolite but not so terrible like the other ones in my opinion if you speak slang.

For example I would prefer the following expressions: “Sei bitte ruhig.”, “Sei still, bitte.” or simply “Es reicht.” or “Genug.”

@Veral “I would not recommend to use “Halt die Fresse!” It is quite impolite.”

Lynkusu wrote that it means “shut up”, which is just as impolite.

“Only uneducated people would use it.”

Because being impolite means being uneducated…

That’s a shame, Paul, I always thought you were nice, but you haven’t gone to university, so I guess you’re just a giant asshole…

Your level of education doesn’t influence your “level of politeness” any more than it does your favourite colour. It doesn’t even determine how smart you are. It might influence how many stupid mistakes such as “could of” you make, but, in all fairness, that’s still not guaranteed… at all.

Besides… some situations just call for ‘more impolite’ expressions. I mean, if you accidentally smash your thumb with a hammer, you’re not gonna exclaim “Well gosh darn it!”…

I know that “Shut up” is impolite too. I just want to make it clear.

You should know that education does not only mean education at university. I speak from education within the family, education in the sense of social education. That is a difference, don’t you think so? Politeness and adequate use of the language is something that you learn from your environment, mainly from your parents.

Given how well established my Arschlochkeit is on this forum, I must be lying about my level of education…

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Maybe it´s a matter of age. Here´s life in a nutshell… (warning: foul language ahead!)

0-12yrs : You don´t swear. You might say “Penis” and giggle a little…but you don´t swear.
12-15yrs: You´re saying nasty words all the time, even though you don´t fully understand what you´re talking about
15-20yrs: “How swearwordswearwordswearword are swearwordswearwordswearword you swearwordswearwordswearword, bitch?!”
20-35yrs: You stop seeing swear words as an end in themselves. You start using them purposefully. (to add emphasis, to express joy or frustration, to make jokes…)
35yrs and older: After more than 20 years of using swear words, your level of education has reached a point where you stop swearing and start telling (younger) people that only uneducated people use swear words.


I think both Vera’s last post and Paule’s timeline are accurate.

As Vera said “Erziehung”, “Bildung”, and perhaps even “Höflichkeit” are components of being “educated-sophisticated”. Paule89’s examples certainly show a remarkable knowledge, but is over-emphasis of smartness really smart? I’ve lived through Paul’s timeline, of sorts, but when I was young we believed that only the ill-educated would “swear” indiscriminately; we used swear words as deliberate insults, not as necessary parts of a sentence structure.

Vera’s daughter is very lucky to have a parent who cares. Like her daughter, my children were exposed to and no doubt learnt their fair share of street lingo, which at the time luckily enough didn’t involve Paul’s vocabulary. I am happy to say that they both are smart enough to only swear in context and rarely within my hearing - no mother could want more! :slight_smile:

For those interested, Klappe!, Schnauze!, Fresse! are often insult enough, you don’t need a full sentence. Be warned, Mund! doesn’t work like that.




Halt die fresse - shut the fuck up
Halt die Klappe - Shut up
Sei still - be quiet

I think you can decide for yourself whether you want to be impolite or not.