Die Tanzerin

舞姫 Die Tanzerin #1 - YouTube 舞姫 Die Tanzerin #1 - YouTube

Does Go Hiromi speak good German?

I think I should have posted this on some other forum. Sorry!

Although the intonation identifies him as Japanese his German pronunciation is excellent. But you have to listen closely.

Thank you for your reply, Blackydierennmaus.
The film is based on an autobiographical novel titled “The Dancing Girl(舞姫)” by Mori Ougai(森鴎外) – Dancing Girl - Wikipedia

Thank you for yet another interesting snippet of information. I hadn’t heard of this film before. As BDRM says, the German pronunciation is excellent, very clear. I didn’t have any trouble understanding him.

I recognised one of the German actresses (M. Carriere), but can’t find out anything else about the film. Do you have any more details?

Hallo Sanne, ich habe nur einen Forenbeitrag bei Amazon gefunden: http://www.amazon.de/tag/dvd/forum?cdThread=Tx2PI0ZT3BHKEES
Den Film gibt es offensichtlich nicht als DVD oder Video.

Danke, Vera. Da werde ich gleich nachher reinschauen.

@ytk031: So now how to occupy myself till Christmas: try to work out how to order a Japanese DVD … Thank you for this challenge!