Die in... die of... die from

He died in a plane accident.

Question: Is it okay to use other prepositions like “of” or “from” in this sentence? Does it sound strange or unnatural?

How about cancer? You say “died from cancer” or “died of cancer”?

Thank you!!!

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He died in a plane accident is normal sounding to me. Using “of” or “from” doesn’t sound good to me. I think people would know what you mean and there may be some dialects that use that phrasing; but, overall it sounds odd to my ears.

With cancer it is typically phrased with “of” rather than from. I do know people who use "from* there; but, they’re usually people I don’t consider well-spoken. Again, that may vary by dialect. I’m the USA if that helps.

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I agree. I would also say he died of cancer. But he was in an airplane crash and died. He died in an airplane crash. Or as the term has become more softened over time in a “plane accident.” George Carlin did an excellent stand-up routine about euphemisms back in 1992, which is just as relevant nearly 30 years later. I highly recommend it. George Carlin on Euphemisms - YouTube

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Thanks a lot, brucenator.