Did the user interface change?

Yesterday I was able to press the arrow below in order to get a review for the lesson I was reading. Today that button (arrow to the right) seems to have gone. All I have is the arrow to the next page or to finish the lesson.

Did anything change overnight?

Are you using the desktop version? I still see that arrow there.

Yes, I am. Unfortunately for me it is gone. It wasn’t so yesterday, so I have to assume something changed.
EDIT: I know I did change a setting, which was to not have the shift arrow move to review. That might be the problem. I will check.

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Ok, found the culprit. If you want to page with shift-arrow, you need to switch off the setting for review when paging. However, that also makes the arrow button (bottom right) for the review disappear. I really wish these two were not connected. However, problem solved, I know the cause.

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