Did LingQ just add this feature in recently?

I just imported a 40 minutes video from youtube. And LingQ broke up the lesson into 3 separate lessons
(as usual which is great) However it also broke up the audio into separate parts to fit with each lesson. That is so cool! Is this new? I never noticed this before. (However I should add) it wasn’t perfect because the first lesson had the full 40 minute audio clips. even though the text only went up to the first 15 minutes.
Has this always been a thing? I never noticed until now.


I don’t know if it is a new feature but I am able to import 1 hour 29-minute radio play. And for the other one that exceeded over 1 hour 30 minutes, I got an error message that I could not import it.

Update: The whole radio play did not split into separate lessons.

It is only split into one lesson and that is 29 minutes long.

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It’s done it for as long as I’ve been on LingQ (3 years). It also correctly adds timestamps so sentence mode usually has the correct audio and not just text to speech.

By the way, the interface that is quite comfortable for articles and podcasts, is not so comfortable for youtube videos, especially with autogenerated subtitles. There are a few chrome extensions which found a way to make out the whole experience of learning language through videos really smoothly.

I don’t know am I allowed to point out these extensions, but if LingQ 5.0 is going to present some video features, I would be glad to participate in a discussion, because, honestly, to import subtitles as some sort of unformatted article is a waste of time and energy, imho.

You can share the links privately via personal message. Just click on my name and there you see the button for PM. I would love to know about these extensions.

Yeah I agreed with you on that unformatted article thing it is a big turn off. You can fix it manually but it is extra time which should be used productively.

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You can fix it manually but it is extra time which should be used productively.

Not just that. The fun of enjoying “your favorite videos” gets messed up, when video becomes an addition to text, instead of the opposite. The frame of the video player should stay the way it is, while you are enjoying your videos, but what can we add to this process is what was implemented in the extension.
Actually, it’s single one extension now, because two of them was of the same developer, and third one is performing bad right now.
Look carefully to all of the functions present in app. I sent it to your wall in Private.

P.S. Intesting thing in Language learning software is that so far it seems no one has ventured the task of implementing a proper way of managing users’ vocabularies throughout all the services and aggregating them into one platform. Export to Anki is more or less consistently present in various apps and extensions, but process of creating new Deck and adding media is omfg, I just have no words for the fact, that it is the most popular app so far. I understand that we have what we have, but we have shit. To the present day, I have to install a ton of extensions, apps, I have vocabularies on all of these apps and I’ve been doing flashcards on all of them. And the task of importing all of that manually to, say, LingQ, Anki (or you name it) is just ridiculous.

What I love about the LingQ forum is that at any time you can take back what you’ve said, isn’t it beautiful?
I was misled by the name of application, that has nothing to do with the original opensource project. The original Anki is still not perfect, but much closer))

Hi, can you please send me the link too? Thank you!