Did it work?


I am learning spanish right now, I have just started so I am on a low level.
I love reading, and I love the system behind lingq.
My question is, is it usefull to just read texts in spanish here? Even if i know only about 80% of the words??
Is there a use in this or is it just reading und repeting 1000s of words with no use?
Can I become battre fast if I am just reading lots of texts and If i understand not enough I read them again and again?

It works, yes. As you get better you’ll want to read more difficult texts. I’m sure some of the beginning texts are a little boring but as you get better you can start maybe looking at some easy news sites for Spanish or other members uploaded content. Or other things you may be interested in you can import yourself.

Once you have learned the words it doesn’t make sense to keep repeating the same lessons over and over again. You might visit them again a bit in the future to see if you still remember them, but it’s best to keep things fresh. Plus if you are just repeating the same words over and over again you won’t be exposed to new words.

What lessons/courses have you been looking at? Have you tried the mini-stories?

Yup. Keep grinding every day and you’ll make good progress.