Did I click on "Don't show this box again" too early?

I have just submitted my third writing in Polish and it’s quite a long text I’m quite proud of, so I really wanted to have it published on LingQCentral.
However, I fear I have done something wrong. I saw there was a newly designed window asking me whether I wanted the text to be published there, with a case to tick saying something like “I would like to have it published”, then a red button and a green one and finally a case saying “don’t show me again”. When I ticked it, the window suddenly closed and now I don’t know if that writing will be published or not (well, I guess you can add it manually).
Could you please undo my selection? (I don’t see any option to enable/disable that box).
After all, I think it’s better if I am asked every time: one day I may write a private or compromising text I don’t want anyone else to read but my tutor! :slight_smile:

@mikebond - I think I have reset that popup for you. Can I ask why you ticked that box to not show it to you again? Is the wording unclear?

The wording was clear, Mark. I wanted my positive answer to be saved for the future texts and I didn’t imagine the popup would close immediately!

That control is for those people who are not interested in sharing their writing ever and don’t want to be asked again.

Ok, good to know. I misinterpreted it.