Dictionary with more than 30 languages in both directions

Is it possible to add majstro.com ( Link: On-line translation dictionary) to all available languages? This dictionary offers translations for more than 30 different languages (incl. some more exotic ones) in both directions. It could also be a good source for “future languages” on Lingq (like e.g. Turkish, Greek, Romanian, Hungarian etc.).

I know that there are already a lot of dictionaries on Lingq, but this one seems to be very profitable.
Here an example with the Spanish Word “camellón” into German:

Babylon: 0 results

Hueber: 0 results

Leo: 0 results

BeoLingus: 0 results

Pauker.at: 0 results

Google Translate: 1 result but completely incorrect: (mittlere??)

bab.la: 0 results

Pons: 1 result but incorrect (Viehtränke??)

Dict.cc: 0 results

Interglot: 0 results

travlangs: 0 results (no miracle, as there are only 5000 terms in all)

Wörterbuch: 0 results

and now majstro: 6 correct results.

Certainly it’s not always the same with other words, but it could be a good comlement together with other good dictionaries.

One User asked in the Portuguese Forum, if there’s a dictionary which translates Portuguese into Hungarian. Another asked for translations into Faroese. This dictionary offers both.

If you think, we have already too many, so it might be possible to remove some more useless like e.g. travlangs, Wörterbuch etc.

As it is already used for Esperanto, it shouldn’t be a problem to add it to other languages, too.

I find the dictionary section quite annoying at times, and prefer to get my definitions outside of the site. Usually, I have to go through English, German and various other definitions to even get to the Dutch. Would this improve this? I’m not sure. Having good dictionaries around isn’t much use if they are a total pain to use. Work needed!

@il_melomane70 - Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll add the combinations for this dictionary.

@Imyirtseshem - Which dictionary are you using in having to sort through so many other languages? If you have any good dictionaries that aren’t on the site yet, feel free to suggest them and I’ll do my best to add them.

Sometimes, I get Dutch to Indonesian dictionary and nothing else in the dictionary panel, among others. Sometimes Dutch wikipedia articles. I’ll do some Dutch later and show you some of what happens by taking some screenshots of it.

@alex - Thanks a lot for the work you do for this site!

@ Imyirtseshem - Surely, not everyone makes use of the offered dictionaries. For me it’s a facilitation, as I don’t possess dictionaries for all the languages I learn. And as I often use various dictionaries for different languages, it would be more work to look for the definitions outside.

Oh, I’m totally for adding new dictionaries to the site, il_melomane70, it’s just that the dictionary screen is a bit broken.

A large portion of the dictionaries added to the site load in an external popup, so it depends a lot on which dictionary you choose as your default. I believe the default is currently Babylon, but you can change the dictionary by clicking on “(Settings)” on the LingQ widget.

yeah, the Babylon one isn’t much good. I’ll try changing it to see how that works. Thanks Alex.

Ok, this dictionary has now been added for all current combinations. :slight_smile: