Dictionary Van Dale for Dutch source language

Van dale https://www.vandale.nl/ is probably by far the best and most prestigious dictionary for Dutch (whether it’s translation or not).
Would it be possible to add this dictionary for target language French?
here with an example (être)
Gratis woordenboek | Van Dale

However, there is one major drawback: it doesn’t take into account accents. So the word which is entered should be stripped of all the accents so that the dictionary can recognise the word. This is a pain in the neck for a language such as French with many accents.
Therefore I did it otherwise with a shortcut with autohotkey to open the dictionary and remove the accents

Would it be possible to integrate this dictionary and possibly remove the accents? Maybe other dictionaries have this problem @zoran


Code in autohotkey

It’s now added and available. However, nothing I can do regarding accents at the moment, sorry.

Could you add it for German<->Dutch, too, please? Thank you!

@Car2017 Sure, done!

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Thank you!

Хвала! Hvala!

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Could you please add it nevertheless?
L2 French<->Dutch Gratis woordenboek | Van Dale
L2 English<-> Dutch Gratis woordenboek | Van Dale
and L2 German <-> Dutch Gratis woordenboek | Van Dale

@thibautbogaert Yes, as I mentioned above, I did add it, I just wasn’t able to deal with the accent problem but dictionaries are now available.

I would like to have it the other way around, I see it’s added for L2 Dutch but not for L2 French to Dutch, L2 English to Dutch and L2 German to Dutch

I added those too now.

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