Dictionary support in Danish and Swedish

I use two translation dictionaries that require a login and password. Is there any way to have them added here?

Swedish NE’s https://ne.ord.se/ (formally ran by Norstedt)

Danish Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger http://www.ordbog.gyldendal.dk/

Both are very high standard, probably the best.

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Thanks for your suggestions. Swedish NE’s dictionary is now available at LingQ. Danish Gyldendals require login and because of that can’t be added to our list.

Thank you!

Hey do you know of any equivalent for Norwegian ? I guess the Danish one might serve as a kind of Norsk replacement ?

This one is probably pretty good, as I’ve read it will give you idioms: https://www.ordnett.no/

But it requires a login/password to access the free version.