Dictionary pop ups still not working properly

I wrote about this a few days ago but the problem persists so I’m coming back to it.

The dictionaries sometimes pop up and sometimes don’t. Pop ups are definitely enabled so it’s not that. Also the problem is intermittent, sometimes the dictionary will fail to display and then a few minutes later it will be working again. Then in another minute or so it again stops functioning.

This is occurring with Japanese dictionaries. Does anyone else have this problem?
As it stands I have to manually copy and paste any word I want to check into an external dictionary.Then copy and paste any definition I want back into lingQ. Not impossible but annoying.

I am sorry to hear that you have troubles using our dictionaries. Which browser are you using? Would you be able to try another browser to check if it helps? That way we will know if issue is browser related. Thanks!

I don’t read a lot on lingq for this reason and others. When I do, I always run a separate dictionary for this reason, even though this same dictionary is available with lingq.

I cannot confirm this. For me the dictionaries are working well. I guess it is related to the dictionary you are using. Are you using ad blockers? This can cause problems too.

I’m not using ad blockers.

This problem seems to affect all the Japanese dictionaries although I make most use of Tangorin and Jisho so I notice it with these most.

I’m using Chrome but the same issue appears when using Internet Explorer.

It doesn’t happen every time. You have to use the dictionary a number of time before the problem appears.

At a rough guess I’d say it would occur at least once in ten attempts to access a dictionary. Most likely it will occur more frequently than this though.