Dictionary pop up

I am working on my Spanish and I only want to use the RAE spanish dictionary as my first option. I don’t want to see the English dictionary suggestions or community suggestions right away. Is there a way to disable the English dictionary suggestions or community suggestions from popping up on the screen? I want to see if I can figure out the meaning using Spanish only and then if I can not figure it out, I want to manually choose the English dictionaries or community suggestions. Thanks.

On this same topic, I would like to see the hints in portuguese and english, at the same time, is that possible? Because sometimes the portuguese hints are wrong. So showing the english hints at the same time would increase the accuracy.

@Lucas43 Sorry but that’s not possible. You can have only one dictionary language selected at a time.

@aleugene That’s not possible for now, you can’t disable popular hints and other dictionaries. I don’t think anyone asked for that before, but I’ll add it on the wishlist and maybe one day we will be able to do something about it.