Dictionary order constantly reset and incorrect

After more than a year of learning French on LingQ, I have started learning German as well, which means each day I am interacting with both languages.

When I was just learning French, my preferred Dictionary order remained as I had it set every day–I set it once, and it stayed correct. However, now that I’m switching back and forth, my Dictionary order is constantly incorrect and I am having to reset it every single day, which is especially frustrating given that as a new German learner, I am extremely reliant on these resources and after more than a year of LingQ I have gotten accustomed to the specific websites of the dictionaries I like and so I want them to be the ones that show up first.

I don’t know what specifically is causing this issue but it’s definitely something about switching between languages because I never had this problem before, and it adds in an unnecessary and time-consuming bit of busy work at least twice a day (and more than that if I switch languages more than a single time in a given day).

This feels like a bug, not simply a missing feature–the reason I say this is that when I switch from, say, French to German, the dictionary order I see in German doesn’t in any way correspond with what I just set in French; it’s a totally arbitrary order, or at least it’s arbitrary as far as I can tell. It’s not as though the app is saving one set of preferences, it’s constantly giving me a new set of preferences that isn’t the one I set in either language.

I love LingQ, it’s a great platform, so I’m hoping this can be addressed. Given how many other preferences are properly tracked within the app, and given LingQ allows the user to freely switch between languages at any time, it feels like these preferences should be properly honoured. Thanks much for any help.

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Thanks for reporting. We will look into it.

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I have been re-setting the dictionary order every day, with only one language. The cause is clearly storing this info in a cookie. I wrote about this in this forum. The response was the same as for you “we will look into it”. Apparantly, the dictionary order is global, i.e. not tied to a language besides being tied to a cookie.

P.S. Since a short while ago, I delete all new cookies for both security and privacy. That is when I discovered this issue.


That makes sense that that would be causing my problem. But as you say, it would still mean there is only one global cookie rather than one per language, which really makes no sense because the available dictionaries aren’t even the same between languages. So presumably the cookie is something like, “the user has chosen ‘dictionary 3’ as the first choice,” but ‘dictionary 3’ corresponds to a different choice in each language.

I’ve been dealing with this problem since long time. I use 4 languages every day and sometimes they stay and sometimes they always change, all the time, all 4 languages. Sometimes dictionaries disappear as well and I have to select them again. This can happen on a daily basis.

I hope they could find a solution about it! The current method is clearly not working but I wouldn’t know what suggest best.

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