Dictionary opened with a wrong URL when in a separate tab

I have Le Conjugueur in the dictionary set-up. It works fine when I just click it and get the dictionary in a widget. However if I use the middle button to open it in a separate tab, I get the wrong URL. That is https://www.leconjugueur.com/french/verb/arrêtent.html instead of http://leconjugueur.lefigaro.fr/french/verb/arrêtent.html

Hi Eugrus,
Unfortunately all dictionaries which loads on HTTP servers can only work on Popup window. If you try to load them in separate tab, you’ll need to delete S from HTTPS and it will work that way. :slight_smile:
There is nothing we can do here, and some dictionaries for now can only work on Popup windows.

Why don’t you just use http in the url - it will redirect to https anyways.

We did used HTTP for all dictionaries which can’t load on HTTPS. That is why all this dictionareis has to load in popup window on HTTP, that’s the only way we could make it work. Dictionaries without (popup) sign can load normally on HTTPS too.