Dictionary language

Hi there,

I wonder if it’s possible to set my dictionary language for each language that I study? or maybe better, that the website can somehow remember my choice and changes it automatically every time I switch between languages?

Currently I study Swedish and English actively at LingQ. When I study English, I set my dictionary language to Chinese. But when I study Swedish, I need to change my dictionary language to English. This is because even though Chinese is my native language, it’s much easier for me to see the translation of a Swedish word in English. e.g. For a word like “uppgradera”, seeing the translation as “to upgrade” makes much more sense than as “更新”, which carries no tense etc in it.

Not sure if others have similar usages. Thanks! :slight_smile:

@derekhyang - You can choose different language dictionaries for each language as your default dictionary and then click the Check Dictionary button to see them. But, you can’t set different dictionary languages which control the user hints that show, in different languages.

Oops. It seems that I have to do this manually each time I switch. Thanks for the reply though!