Dictionary is not shown properly

After lingqing several words where I always look the word up in the dictionary I have the problem that the windows isn’t shown properly.

Here is what I do:
I click on the word and choose to look the word up.
“Babylon” is my English-German-Dictionary by default.
First it works.
Then the windows open but the content of the window is to high to be visible. I can only see the last line. Here is a short video where you can see how it looks like: http://screencast.com/t/EPJhMoxy1u

Sometimes refreshing the page helps but not always. Then I have to refresh it several times. But this is quite slow!!! It is not fun to create LingQs that way.

By the way, with another dictionaries I have this problem too.


Bringe den “Schieber” (ganz rechts) ganz nach oben.Dadurch wird das rechte Feld ganz sichtbar und es erlaubt Dir LingQs zu machen.
Das Mühsame ist hingegen,dass Du, um das nächste unbekannte (blaue)Wort zu sehen,den Schieber wieder nach unten ziehen musst.

Ich benutze diese Notlösung bis LingQ die Einstellungen ändert!


Sorry Jolanda, that doesn’t help in this case. I can make LingQs, but the problem is that the dictionary entry is not shown properly. I guess you refer to another problem. The only help is to refresh the page.

I created another 10 or 12 LingQs and was running into this problem again.

@VeraI - sorry for the inconvenience. We will look into it. Does it happen with multiple lessons or just one? Today is the first time when it happened?

@galina: As far as I can tell it happens with all lessons and several dictionaries (I haven’t tested all dictionaries). I use Firefox on Windows 7. It has happened to me for a while now but I never found the time to complain before. I guess it happens since the last update. You have to know that I ALWAYS look words up in the dictionary. I never use the user hints.

@VeraI - yes, I understand. I have reported this issue. Should I have more detail, I’ll let you know.

Galina, the moving dictionary is really bothersome! Ahhhh, just moments ago, I mistakenly hit “mark all [854]words known” when I clicked on the page to get the dictionary window to disappear! Why does dictionary move around? (Oh, I’m having a mini episode….)

@Imani - sorry about that! you can drag the dictionary window to any place on your screen where it is more convenient for you as well as change its size. After you create a LingQ the window should disappear on its own.

Galina, I fiddle with the dictionary on a daily basis: size, position…. In any case, it’s just plain awful for me. I’ll live :))

The good news is that I’m working my way backwards and have recovered from the shock.

Thank you so much for your attention to this matter.

@Imani - sorry about that again :slight_smile: We will have your suggestions in our list for future improvements :slight_smile: