Hello All!

I am using LingQ to study Spanish and English. I use it on my PC and on my Android phone. I noticed that the dictionaries available on PC are different from those available on Android.
Eg. for English language none of the dictionaries available on Android are English-Hungarian dictionaries (my native language is Hungarian) but one language dictionaries. The dictionaries available on PC are English-Hungarian.

However my favourite dictionary (SZTAKI Szótár | magyar, angol, német, francia, olasz, lengyel, holland, bolgár online szótár és fordító) can’t be selected at any of the places.

How can I add my favorite dictionary and how can I select an English-Hungarian dictionary on Android?

Than you!

Hi! You can adjust your dictionary language in the app by opening up the dictionary then tapping “Language” on the left. This will then update the dictionary language, and you can select “Dictionary” on the right to find the dictionary that you would like to use. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Hi Alex! Thank you for your answer! When I tap “Language” on my smartphone, a popup appears with 3 languages: English, Spanish, Romanian. These are the languages I am learning in LingQ. English is good for Spanish and Romanian, but when learning English, I would prefer an English-Hungarian dictionary. I guess I should select Hungarian for that, but that is not on the list. Let me know, if you need a snapshot.
When using LingQ on PC, the dictionaries are by default Target_laguage-Hungarian dictionaries.

Ah, sorry about that! It looks like something changed in the API that wasn’t supposed to. It should be showing a list of dictionary languages, not study languages. We’ll look at getting this fixed soon, and I’ll give you a heads up when this ought to be working again!

Thank you! :slight_smile: