Dictionaries section, too cramped


I just want to make a suggestion to make the dictionary section bigger. Some dictionaries pop up, which is good, but most of dictionaries I use, don’t. And then I need to scroll them using tiny scroll bar in a cramped page. I can see the letters just fine in most of the dictionaries, but some of the sites even make it harder to see the letters because of their logos or something that occupies much space. Thanks.

True! And the size is not always the same. My German friend who wants to learn English gave up the idea because the space is so small that it was pretty well impossible to use the dictionary window for Google translate when tried to show him how wonderful LingQ is.

Some third-party browser plug-ins let you select and block logos and graphics. I’ve used this successfully in the past. Like Adblock Plus http://adblockplus.org

I even wrote to one dictionary provider and they happily changed their layout to make it more LingQ friendly.

You could also check to see if the dictionary has a mobile version and suggest that it gets added.

OK, we’ll look into what can be done to increase the size of the dictionary window.

@alex- Thank you!! The size of the window is perfect now! :slight_smile: Feels like breathing again :smiley:

It’s possible to increase the size of the dictionary window (or decrease it to the point where it’s just about useless) by playing with the font sizes in your web browser’s option menu. In fact you can really customize the overall presentation of lingq a great deal, including the font width of what you’re reading, to your liking.

Uh oh. Sorry. I was using LingQ with my Ipad(length·ways) last night, and the size was perfect! With the iPad the size of the whole page and the size of the dictionary window doesn’t get changed much. There is always some space with in the dictionary window. But making LingQs is usually done with my computer as it is often not as easy in iPad as in computer.

@lapoubelle - I tried your way in my computer, but it doesn’t help at all. If I increase the font sizes in my web browser, according to ratio the dictionary window gets bigger and there it’s almost impossible to see the letters.

@u50623 - There are some dictionaries that pop up(the ones with asterisk). Is there any way that I could make all the dictionaries pop up?

@monyou - Now when you view the dictionary in the dashboard, the share menu will be hidden, giving you a bit more space to see the dictionary :slight_smile: