Dictionaries change the language of my hints

I had never experienced this before, and honestly it’s a bit annoying: whenever I use a dictionary from my study language to a target language that is not the language I write my hints in (i.e. Italian), the language of the hint I’m going to write switches to the target language of the dictionary.
Example: there is a good Dutch-English dictionary (better than the Dutch-Italian dictionary), but if I use it, the language of every new hint will be English. So, if I want to use this dictionary, I need to change the language every time, unless I choose to ignore it and write my hints in Italian (which is something you wouldn’t want me to do).
I’m quite sure this started to happen few days ago. Can anybody explain why it happens? Was it supposed to be an improvement?
Thank you,

@mikebond - Yes, this was part of our latest update. The hint language is now set to match whichever dictionary you last opened. Unfortunately, for every member like you who is careful about which hint language is displayed, there is one who does not realize they need to watch this and this leads to all the hints showing in different languages in the blue popups. We are hoping to reduce the number of incorrectly placed hints with this change. This is particularly in English where people end up using many different dictionary languages. For those users like you who are checking hints in one language and entering them in another language, what you can do is click on your Dutch-Italian dictionary after checking your Dutch-English to change the hint language with one click.