While on dictation… as I type in the words sometimes my last character does not display in the text box – the character is there when I submit so it’s purely a display option.

I’ve noticed this on:

Windows 7 Chrome v 23.0.1271.64

OpenSuse FireFox 16

I gave this a try but couldn’t seem to reproduce it. Do you notice it with certain letters or words that you enter? Also, can you get it to happen twice in a row with the same word or is it random? Lastly, I wonder if you would be able to open up the Error Console (Control+Shift+J) and see if there are any errors shown there that may be related to this.

Hmm… I just gave this a shot again. I think it’s somehow related to CPU load. I’ll capture as much as I can in FireBug / Console next time I see this happen.

I remember it being random. Also, I was playing the sound over and over again with the tab key (actually I was using only the keyboard shortcuts). Maybe Flash – assuming that’s a Flash widget that plays the sound – was sucking up my CPU. I’ll keep an eye on it

OK, sounds good! If you do figure out why this is happening then be sure to let us know.