'Dictant' exercise is never finished

I always have endless loop in “Dictation” exercise under Mozilla Firefox 10/11/12.
After last word this exercise starts again and counter of words is never decreasing.

@yarodin - That is how the dictation activity works. You just keep practicing until you have had enough. The only time a LingQ is removed from the set you are working on is when you increase its status.

Do you mean that status of word never will be increased by dictation exercise? Then for which purposes is option ‘Remove when status increased’ at Dictation Settings used?
It strange because three others exercises normally increase status of word during the process of workout.

If you change the status manually, it is removed. It will not be removed automatically and is different from the other 3 activities in this way. If you can spell it correctly doesn’t necessarily mean you know the word better so we leave it up to you to change the status yourself if you think you know it better.

I understand now. Thank you.